STWM's Bible College is where we train and equip five-fold ministers and individuals who desire to learn more about God and be prepared for the work of the ministry.

STWC Bible College meets weekly to study the word of God. Over the course of one year and half, each student will have read the Bible in its entirety. After a successful completion of the Hidden Manna course, class participants will receive an Associates Degree in Theology.

This extensive and comprehensive exploration of the wordof God requires a completion of weekly reading assignments, in-class projects, special presentations and quarterly bible exams.

Are you already in ministry, but have not been trained? Do you feel the call into ministry and desire to serve humanity? Or you may simply have a desire to learn more about the Word of God. Come to Spirit of Truth Bible College and you will never be the same again.

For more information, please contact our office at:
4108 North 51st Blvd. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53216
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