According to the word of God in the Proverbs, "Do not despise small beginning." Spirit of Truth Worship Center was birthed in the home of Pastors Sam & Lazonnie Belton with Bible study and a group of eight individuals. After a couple of these sessions and membership starting to climb, they moved to a local bank’s community room. This facility housed the first services held by STWC. The next locations were Wisconsin Electric Company's community room and the YWCA Center on Teutonia Ave.

Within a year of the ministry's origin, Pastors Sam & Lazonnie Belton were led to our present location and within a year and a half, we purchased the church property. We are a local church with a global vision. With our Vision and borders expanding, we are now under the umbrella of Spirit of Truth World Ministries under the leadership of Pastors Sam and Lazonnie Belton.