Team Ministry

The heartbeat of this ministry is the TEAM ministry. Very simply put T.E.A.M. is Together Everyone Achieves More. We believe that whatever my hands find to do, Iíll do it!

Ministry on any level involves teamworkÖ

1. Financial: Through collaborative efforts and the appropriate use of employment of business acumen, the STWM financial team oversees all fiscal efforts that support and facilitate the vision of STWM.

2. Clean-up/Maintenance: The clean-up/maintenance team maintains the cleanliness and safety of the interior and exterior grounds of Spirit of Truth Worship Center.

3. Special events: The special events team is responsible for scheduling, coordinating and scheduling activities that are beyond the scope of regular STWC/STWM happenings including the use of facilities for weddings, funerals and conferences.

4. Transportation: The transportation team serves the greater metropolitan Milwaukee area and supports the vision of STWC through timely and consistent mobile service to all ministry related events.

5. MAHOG: M.A.H.O.G. (Men After the Heart of God) seeks to embrace men of all backgrounds and involve them in discussions, outings and programs that foster healing and equip them to reach their full potential as husbands, fathers and community leaders.

6. Intercessors: The STWM intercessory prayer team skillfully and persistently stands in the gap of behalf of the local church, local church leadership, City of Milwaukee, State of Wisconsin, nations and the global church.

7. Audio/visual: The audio/visual team of STWM furthers the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry and the spread of the gospel through cassette, VHS, CD, and DVD recordings of powerful messages, worship services and personal and corporate prophetic declarations.

8. Evangelism/follow-up: The evagelismlfollow-up team assembles as foot-soldiers in Godís mighty army, trained to effectively reach the lost through outreach efforts and see individuals become rooted in the kingdom through discipleship.

9. STWC-WIM: Womenís international Ministries ministers to the total woman through various workshops, seminars and conferences that provide an avenue whereby women can be restored physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

10. IDWYM: In Da Word exists to train, mentor and equip youth of all ages for the work of the ministry by cultivating their gifts, motivating them through spiritual enrichment activities, educating them in Godís word and providing a platform for expression via Childrenís Church, One Love Christian Club, Youth Recreation, Nursery and Young Adult Ministry.

11. Communication/media: Similar to the evangelism/follow-up team, the communications/media team spreads the gospel through specific oral and visual communication efforts: this team, through various media tools such as the STWM website and Innervoice, supports the vision of STWM and keeps the local church community abreast of pertinent issues that affect the church locally and globally.

12. C.E.: Godís Word must be effectively taught to develop strong, triumphant believers who passionately serve their city and world: the Christian Education team fulfills the objective of educat:ing Godís people through Bible College, Vacation Bible School and Adult arid Children Enrichment classes.

13. Hospitality: The hospitality team demonstrates Godís love, tenderness, compassion and kindness through various ministry avenues that cater to the well-being of members of the local church and community such as nurses, ushers/greeters, sick and shut-in and hospitality.

14. Fine Arts: Praise & Worship, Praise Dancers, Mime and Banners teams combine to comprise the STWM Fine Arts department: this team worships God through creative songs, instrumentation, movement and artistry.

15. Pastorís Armourbearers: Members of the Pastorís Armourbearers team are commissioned to attend to the needs of STWM senior leadership day and night: they serve with allacrity, diligence and undying love.

"Together Everyone Archieves More"